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What’s Going on in Industrial Marketing?


Unique markets have different levels of Marketing maturity, use different ways of going to market, have different metrics of success, and view the role of Marketing in their businesses quite differently. Sometimes, it’s too easy to get too focused on what you have traditionally done in Marketing, and also a challenge to look outside your unique market for best practices in other markets which you might adopt. In today’s program, we are going to do a deep dive on the industrial businesses, and do a temperature check on their overall health and growth prospects. We will also characterize businesses in this sector—and try to highlight best practices inside the market, but also identify best practices from other markets which might be
beneficial to an industrial marketer.

My guest today is Kimberly Miller, a colleague from Chief Outsiders who has spent the better part of her career in Marketing roles in industrial companies. We'll tap into Kimberly’s industry insights as we look to offer practical guidance.

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