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Four Best Practices to Overcome Marketing-Sales Staffing Challenges in 2020

January 20, 2020


What should you plan for if you are looking to add to or upgrade your Marketing or Sales management in 2020? What new challenges might you face as the talent pool changes? We'll address these key staffing questions:

  • How are expectations evolving for both companies and candidates, and are millennials really that different?
  • What will the labor market look like, overall, and what do best practices should you consider to recruit and retain staff effectively?
  • How will you find Marketing talent as Marketing continues to evolve and become more complex?
  • And what are the implications of the new role of “Chief Growth Officer?”

Join Isaac Cheifetz and me for a timely conversation—especially if staffing is on your 2020 agenda!

About Chief Outsiders:

Chief Outsiders is an Executives-as-a-Service firm. Our CMOs have worked on the management teams of over 850 companies. Our mission is to help companies with their growth challenges by providing a CMO  to crystalize the growth strategy and get the growth plan implemented.

Chief Outsiders brings the discipline of marketing to companies who’ve never had a VP of Marketing or CMO in the executive suite. CEOs often engage them when they are frustrated with their organization’s ability to implement their vision for growth. Their objective is not to place a permanent CMO into the organization, but to get the marketing function working, and then leave a strong foundation for clients to operate.

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