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The Practical CMO


It has been one year since I founded The Practical CMO.

Thanks to the businesses who selected me to support their go-to-market Sales and Marketing programs and thanks also for referrals!

I have continued to extend The Practical CMO with new website content, still FREE of course.

I placed three articles/blogs in major industry news outlets recently. Here’s a brief summary and a link for each:

Manufacturing and Marketing for Growth

Everyone’s Thinking About the Economy We keep hearing about a possible recession, which makes small to medium size businesses (SMBs) in any industry understandably nervous. We forget that the economy cannot grow forever and that up-and-down economic cycles occur historically. With the eventuality of an economic downcycle, your business model cannot only be to operate in good times and wait for things to erode during the bad. In an industry like manufacturing built

Setting a manufacturing business apart with personal marketing technologies

Targeted marketing of fabrication production capabilities can be the key to differentiated growth. In 1993, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers introduced a new concept that became the foundation for many of today’s marketing programs. Their book, “The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer At A Time,” has become a classic reference for personalized marketing and sales. One industry expert summarized the book as a “unique perspective on the fundamental, structural changes that technology

Growth Markets are Critical to Your Success, Especially When the Economy Tanks

INTRODUCTION No one knows whether U.S. manufacturers will face a major recession, or a more moderate economic slowdown, in the next two years. The Federal Reserve cannot confidently project our economic performance over this period. ITR Economics, a private blue-chip company that makes its livelihood off economic forecasts, has projected an economic slowdown for 2023 for several years. In our current conditions, with inflation a continuing factor and with increased political uncertainty domestically

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