Accelerate revenues and profits using horizon growth best practices and improve the value and performance of marketing in your business.

Mark has global experience building high-growth, profitable businesses. Mark’s industry experience includes manufacturing, healthcare, high-tech, business, and financial services. He is an expert in accelerating profitable growth through a well-developed Horizon Growth playbook built on best practices. He does this through developing innovative digital products and services and digital marketing to transform go-to-market programs. Mark Coronna is skilled in optimizing Marketing and Sales in an integrated and highly targeted approach called the Intelligent Sales Pipeline.

About Mark S Coronna

Mark is Here To Help Your Business

Through Experience, Versaility, Creativity, Integrity & Innovation

“Mark Coronna brings Operational Excellence from the plant to Sales and Marketing”

  • Helped metal fabricator win three 2020 Manufacturer of the Year Awards for outstanding growth and profits
  • Helped design a growth plan for a heat exchanger manufacturer and achieve multiple consecutive record growth years
  • Helped plastic extruder mitigate customer/market concentration risks and diversify into new markets
  • Assisted exec team at a tools manufacturer in identifying a new growth opportunity using digital tech to automate customer engagement
  • Helped $1.2B food manufacturer design a growth strategy to bring in an incremental $500M in profitable revenues
  • Assisted exec team at $200M food manufacturer/distributor identify more profitable growth opportunities
  • Designed and validated a digital roadmap to bring digital tech to customer engagement and differentiate the business
  • Assisted exec team at large parts distributor re-position the business for stronger growth after loss of major supplier
  • Implemented a growth model, a governance model, and a chief growth officer position for a $400M engineering firm

“Mark‘s Experiences Buying Professional Services as a C-Level Exec Helps Him Understand and Relate to Your Needs”

  • Helped the leadership team understand the potential for a new product and worked to define product parameters and positioning.
  • Reviewed metrics related to Sales and Marketing performance, identified areas requiring better processes and mapped out high potential customer segments by channel. Also built a new Balanced Scorecard to measure revenue pipeline performance.
  • Designed and validated 3-5 -year expansion roadmap for a safety services company. This required the complete rebuild of the business’ positioning, website, and go-to-market approach.
  • Helped $300M tech services company evaluate over 20 new growth opportunities, evaluate the potential of each one, and establish an implementation roadmap as part of a long-range planning exercise.

“Mark Coronna Brings Best Practices from Other Industries to Healthcare Businesses”

  • Helped map out a five-year growth roadmap for a senior care management firm The growth plan was the core of their Confidential Information Memorandum for their second round of outside capital, and it was instrumental in helping raise $17M in growth capital.
  • Worked with management at an online medical education company to successfully reintroduce the business with a new website and improved go-to-market program management.
  • Assisted exec team at a growing medical and senior transportation company refine its value proposition and messaging. Created a Sales Playbook to help new sales personnel become more effective more quickly.
  • Worked with large $2B regional Healthcare system to introduce a digital strategy to the management team. The CEO was totally supportive of the effort and the education included. The project was unique in that the company wanted someone with advanced financial services background to lead the effort since the perception was that financial services was well ahead of healthcare with technology adoption.
  • Worked with the leadership team at a $2B specialty pharmaceutical provider to quickly and successfully re-position the business from product- to patient-centric Refined and executed significant value proposition changes to differentiate the business from other large specialty pharma providers

“Mark’s Innovation in Financial Services Resulted in a New $6B Business for a Major Bank”

  • Conceptualized and built PowerTrack®, the leading global B2B electronic payment solution and information services network (now called US Bank Freight Payment Systems). Signed $1B sole source contract with the Department of Defense in 2nd year of operation and grew the business to $6.5B in transactions processed in four years.
  • Led European expansion of Wolters Kluwer’s regulatory risk/compliance business from $0 to $60mm in four years through organic growth and M&A.
  • Worked with Exec team at personal liability pre-settlement and funding company to re-position the business for expanded growth. Redesigned go-to-market strategy as a more integrated, leveraged approach to revenue pipeline management.
  • Led each business unit as General Manager at Wolters Kluwer, ($40M in combined business). Grew both segments by over 8% during the 2008-2010 financial crisis.
  • As CMO, led the growth of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services from $150M to $400M.
  • Converted the business from a traditional publisher to a digital business with effective digital marketing.

“Mark’s Early High Tech Experiences and Later CIO Roles Influence His Ability to Use Tech for Business Transformation”

  • Conceptualized, built, and headed Marketing, Sales, and Business Development for the leading PC-based financial accounting software solution at Open Systems.
  • Multiple successes turning lines of business from low/no-growth into growing, profitable businesses at a communications software business and at a major publisher.
  • Roles at Chief Information and VP of eBusiness
  • Deluxe Corporation: VP of Business Development and CIO
  • U. S. Bank: SVP of Commercial Payment products and Payments Group CIO
  • COO at Gelco Information Network ($40M hosted online expense management business)

“Mark’s Multiple C-Level Experiences and His Pastor’s Heart Make Him an Effective Board Member”

  • Represented U.S. Bank and Deluxe Corporation on the Board of the Salvation Army in St. Paul, MN
  • Executive Board Member for the Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination
  • Board Member/Elder/Trustee for two major new churches
  • Board Co-President for the second largest private school in Minnesota
  • Business Advisor and Adjunct Professor for new MBA program (Bethel University, St. Paul, MN)
  • Founding Board Member of Red Wing Ignite—the first rural technology incubator and business accelerator in the U.S.