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Ditch Your Sales Funnel

DITCH THE SALES FUNNEL and GROW REVENUE FASTER, MORE PROFITABLY The model of a “funnel” to represent a sales pipeline is ripe for

Introducing Horizon Zero

THE NEW “GROWTH KID” ON THE BLOCK: INTRODUCING HORIZON (ZERO) Since the introduction of Horizon Growth planning in the late 1990’s, businesses which


“WHEN IS RETURN ON LEARNING (ROL) MORE IMPORTANT THAN ROI?” If you completed a class on finance and accounting, you are likely familiar

Screwing Up Value Propositions

SEVEN (7) WAYS NOT TO SCREW UP YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION Screwing up value propositions creates a critical risk to the health and growth

“Big M” Marketing

What do Bob Dylan, Soundboards, and "Big M" Marketing Have in Common? My wife has always been a huge Bob Dylan fan.  Me

The Value of Lead Customers

A Best Marketing Practice: Cultivating "Lead" Customer Relationships for Breakthrough Products and Services It’s been many years since I learned what a “lead”



The Church Rocks!

Living in a place where rocks are prominent—and they are much more prominent in winter when they take visual precedence over the foliage—makes

What’s in a Name?

Names matter. Your name. Your business or organization’s name. The names of all the people you work with matter. Your clients' and customers’

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