Healthcare Success Stories

Segments Served and Big Wins

Healthcare Services (senior care, Medicare-funded transportation services, healthcare staff training services)

  • Helped map out a five-year growth roadmap for a senior care management firm The growth plan was the core of their Confidential Information Memorandum for their second round of outside capital, and it was instrumental in helping raise $17M in growth capital.
  • Worked with management at an online medical education company to successfully reintroduce the business with a new website and improved go-to-market program management.
  • Assisted exec team at a growing medical and senior transportation company refine its value proposition and messaging. Created a Sales Playbook to help new sales personnel become more effective more quickly.

Regional Healthcare Providers

  • Worked with large $2B regional Healthcare system to introduce a digital strategy to the management team. The CEO was totally supportive of the effort and the education included. The project was unique in that the company wanted someone with advanced financial services background to lead the effort since the perception was that financial services was well ahead of healthcare with technology adoption.

National Healthcare Product and Service Providers

  • Worked with the leadership team at a $2B specialty pharmaceutical provider to quickly and successfully re-position the business from product- to patient-centric Refined and executed significant value proposition changes to differentiate the business from other large specialty pharma providers.

Success Stories