High Tech and SaaS Success Stories

Segments Served and Big Wins

Software Development Firms

  • Conceptualized, built, and headed Marketing, Sales, and Business Development for the leading PC-based financial accounting software solution at Open Systems.
  • Multiple successes turning lines of business from low/no-growth into growing, profitable businesses at a communications software business and at a major publisher.

SaaS Businesses

  • Roles at Chief Information and VP of eBusiness
    • Deluxe Corporation: VP of Business Development and CIO
    • U. S. Bank: SVP of Commercial Payment products and Payments Group CIO
  • COO at Gelco Information Network ($40M hosted online expense management business)

Mark’s Early High Tech Experiences and Later CIO Roles Influence His Ability to Use Tech for Business Transformation

“Mark has the uncanny ability to grasp all facets of new and legacy technologies and translate their relevance into profitable new products & services. He has a serial record for creating high-performing organizations in several industries because he is a master of “majoring in majors” and a quick study; has the surgical ability to lead, attract, mobilize and grow high-performing talent; he is shameless about giving credit to everyone but himself for successful outcomes and always takes accountability when things don’t turn out right. Mark has a track record for generating wealth for his investors, shareholders, employees, partners, and community. Everyone wins in the ecosystem when Mark is engaged. His integrity is unyielding, and his passion for improving everyone and everything around him is contagious.”


Success Stories