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Need a Baseline Marketing Assessment to Ensure that Marketing Can Support Future Business Growth

“Mark has done an excellent job supporting me as CEO and our VP Sales and Marketing as we work to improve our strategy and strategic plan in horizon growth planning, value proposition, brand auditing, etc. Mark has a wealth of experience that he brings to our organization through his consulting. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone needing this expertise!“ (J.H. CEO Manufacturing Company)”

J.H., CEO, Manufacturing Company


One need I have often heard business execs articulate concerns is that their marketing organization and programs are not equipped to support future growth. This is sometimes a perception rarely supported by data or facts. The need is often expressed as a comment that their marketing organization is tactically focused or misaligned with business strategies and priorities.

Strategic marketing engagements which focus on future growth should start with an understanding of how each business performs on key marketing capabilities and industry benchmarks.


Many businesses need support completing an honest assessment and have little real data for analysis. It can be hard to review yourself and your performance without bias!


I developed an assessment tool that evaluates 26 marketing capabilities on two effectiveness factors and two efficiency factors. The data is shown as a heat map (color-coding areas of concern in red and areas of strong performance in green).


The tool looks at the “current state,” but as strategic plans are developed, and programs are prioritized, the assessment process sets a “target state” for each capability. This assessment helps clients prioritize the development of their marketing organizational capabilities. A best practice is to review and revise it annually. The clarity of a heat map always seems to stimulate discussion and improvement plans.