Spiritual Resolutions-Time to Renew in ‘23

Author’s Note: This blog was originally published in January 2022. I re-read it to see what guidance I might change after completing the trip through 2022, and honestly, I thought this original guidance was still appropriate for 2023. The intent and resolutions data haven’t changed, which means we all still have a lot to work on to accomplish our goals!

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The Church Rocks!

Living in a place where rocks are prominent—and they are much more prominent in winter when they take visual precedence over the foliage—makes you think about the role rocks have in God’s creation. The story of the creation of the Mississippi River valley is outside our ability to comprehend and visualize unless you can picture what 800 Olympic size swimming

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What’s in a Name?

Names matter. Your name. Your business or organization’s name. The names of all the people you work with matter. Your clients' and customers’ names are all important. Think about how business names have changed and are now delivered as shorthand for their original names (FedEx was Federal Express and 3M was Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing). What makes each of these

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All God’s People Have a Place in the Choir

If you remember A Prairie Home Companion radio show, you might remember a regular performer named Bill Staines. Bill passed away in December, 2021, and was known as a modern-day Steven Foster for capturing the essence of American culture through folk music. Bill’s most popular song is called “A Place in the Choir,” and I thought it made a great

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Learn from the Wise Men

It’s good to have wisdom. Biblically, the person with the most wisdom in the bible, other than Jesus, was Solomon. 1 Kings 4:29 says, “God gave Solomon wisdom and great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore. Solomon’s wisdom was greater than the wisdom of all the people of the East and greater

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Spiritual Resolutions – Time to Renew in ’22

We’re into January, and, like many people, you may have made resolutions for things you want to accomplish in 2022. An estimated 74% of our population, or around 189 million people, according to www.finder.com, make New Year’s resolutions. You know the typical categories: weight loss, exercise more, new job, using time differently, etc. Like many fellow citizens, a week or

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Thanksgiving Facts and Fiction

How many Pilgrims made the journey to America? Around 102 passengers, 30 crew What was the name of their ship? Mayflower What port did it leave from? Leiden, Netherlands What month and year did they arrive? Nov. 1620 (two-month journey) Name five last names of people from the first ship? Bradford, Cooke, Moore, Fuller, Browne When was the first Thanksgiving

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Six Freedoms in Christ

There are various types of freedom: freedoms granted through our government and our constitution, including the freedom to practice religious beliefs of all kinds. This is one form of religious freedom…so important, in fact, that the first article in the Bill of Rights addresses freedom of religion. So, if we want to understand our constitutional freedoms, we should go back

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Values Speak Volumes

Every business or not-for-profit has its version of a value system. There are often two types of value systems—internal values to which the culture and behavior of the organization conform and external ones, which represent the unique positioning of the organization relative to its customers, clients, or members. Let’s concentrate on internal values in this article. There are seven examples

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Managing Remote Communications During COVID

Most organizations are struggling with effective management of both internal employee and external customer communications. Three things are clear: the impact of COVID is not going away anytime soon, businesses and not-for-profits were caught unprepared when COVID emerged, and what “work” looks like post-COVID will be quite different from our pre-COVID models. Before COVID, only 7% of the workforce was

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