My guest is Tim Doyle, the Vice President of Sales at TopSpot, a digital marketing agency serving over 800 industrial and manufacturing clients. We discuss the current state of industrial marketing, characterizing it as uncertain yet still seeing strong growth in some sectors. Tim highlights a leadership void in many mid-size manufacturers and how fractional executive engagements can fill gaps. We dive deep into the current state of marketing in the industrial sector. Tim gives us the lowdown – things seem uncertain, but some verticals still see solid growth. He highlights a big issue in mid-size manufacturers – a lack of marketing leadership. The discussion covers aligning sales and marketing, generating qualified leads, best practices for high-performing websites, and the importance of an ongoing marketing strategy. Tim draws on examples from leaders like Dalsin and Nema Enclosures to emphasize being accountable, consistent, and partnering with experts.

About our guest:

Tim Doyle is the VP of Sales at TopSpot in Houston, TX. A Michigan native who attended Western Michigan University and studied Public Relations and Advertising, Tim has been an industrial marketing professional since the mid-1980s.

Tim’s role as the VP of Sales is to oversee that the clients’ web strategy aligns with the true goals of the business. He ensures that TopSpot’s integrated marketing strategy meets the needs of all the stakeholders in the business: be it new client development, current customers, employees, and sales representatives.

Tim leads TopSpot’s sales force, educating and inspiring the 20+ person team, located all over the country. He has presented at multiple FMA Events, including their Annual Meetings & Fabtech.

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