When you boil down the model for successful leadership, what do you have? Do those key aspects of leadership translate from military to public companies? And is it possible to share practical guidance to help developing leaders grow?

In this podcast, Mark discusses these and related topics with Craig Whelden–a retired Major General in the U.S. Army. Craig also served as a senior executive for nine years in the U.S. Marine Corps. If you are aware of the cultural differences between these two service branches, you’ll understand just how unique Craig is in bringing his leadership model successfully to both.

Craig is an in-demand speaker and author on leadership. He brings a unique perspective built on practical guidance based on his own experiences and learning. And you’ll see that one of Craig’s characteristics is being authentic. It’s not just the situations which went well which polished Craig’s leadership model—it’s situations which turned out very differently than expected.


Today’s Participants:

Host: Mark Coronna
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Guest: Major General Craig B. Whelden, U.S. Army (Retired)
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Additional resources referred to in this program can be found here:
“Leadership: The Art of Inspiring People to be Their Best” Major General Craig Whelden, U.S.
Army (Retired), New Insights Press, 2019 (Amazon) (from the author directly)