The adoption of “digital” in your business may be an initiative you have considered but consistently tabled. With markets rebounding from COVID and with quickly forming preferences that will transform the way business is done online, you may be behind the curve. “Digital” offers increased abilities to manage your employees and your customer acquisition and relationships as online business becomes more of a preference and less of an option.

But “digital” is hard to define, hard to prioritize, and often hard to execute well, following the “Business First, Digital Second” approach.

This expert session will help you structure an effective digital roadmap for your business, starting with digital marketing best practices.


About Mark’s Guest: 

Beth helps companies develop market-focused strategies and leverage technology to fuel growth and innovation. A digital pioneer, Beth led to $15 million in revenue and profitability in year one. She also ran two digital-first automotive companies and directed all digital marketing for 10 auto dealerships. She has expertise in all aspects of digital – analytics, PPC, SEO, Website optimization, video, mobile, and social media. Recently, Beth led the productization of Chief Outsiders Digital Marketing Assessment.

Host: Mark Coronna, Founder & CEO, The Practical CMO

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Guest: Beth VanStory, Partner & CMO, Chief Outsiders
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