Fixing the Sales and Marketing Communications FundamentalsWhat should you plan for if you are looking to add to or upgrade your Marketing or Sales management in 2020? What new challenges might you face as the talent pool changes? We’ll address these key staffing questions:

  • How are expectations evolving for both companies and candidates, and are millennials really that different
  • What will the labor market look like overall, and what best practices should you consider to recruit and retain staff effectively?
  • How will you find Marketing talent as Marketing continues to evolve and become more
  • And what are the implications of the new role of “Chief Growth Officer?”


About our guest, Matt McKnight:

Matt is the President and Founder of McKnight Advisors LLC, a Sales Xceleration Partner.  His firm helps customers launch, expand or improve their sales operations to accelerate revenue growth.  With a 30-year history of sales leadership, Matt has extensive experience and success in start-up, private and public companies.  His company’s approach is based on accountability, transparency, integrity, and trust, focusing on the people, process, and strategy to achieve sustained growth for its customers.

Matt McKnight can be reached at 847.867.5963 and at

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