Sometimes the best way to get to know a host is to hear him as the guest. This special episode originally aired on SLMA Radio. Hosted by Tom Judge, the VP of Strategy at Direct Marketing Partners, Tom and Mark dive into ABM.

If we’re going to implement account-based marketing, can it actually yield a healthy sales pipeline?

Do you need to get a bunch of software and a bunch of staff? No. Use direct marketing methodologies and start a long-term relationship. Hear about the most targeted methodologies.

What can you do to achieve the sales pipeline you want? Mark gives some quick ways to start integrating sales and marketing immediately. Get feedback about the quality of the leads. Ask questions. Tune in to hear the conversation and useful answers.


About Tom Judge

Tom Judge is passionate about the science and art of the lead-to-sales funnel process. As a 20-year industry veteran, he is responsible for heading up the strategic assessment and planning services unit at DMP and has presented research and best practices on the “The Mid-Funnel” at sales & marketing industry events. Tom is an Alumni of the Sales Lead Management Association’s list of – Top 50 Most Influential in Lead Management.

About Direct Marketing Partners (DMP)

DMP is a lead-to-sales services company helping B2B firms strategically plan, build out databases, and perform lead generation and inside sales tele-qualification campaigns to improve sales funnels and revenues for client companies. Major firms in technology, manufacturing and life sciences industries use DMP services to fix and build their lead funnels.