What Happens When Sales and Marketing Collaborate and What Happens When They Don't

The dual challenges to both understanding the differences between Sales and Marketing and then aligning them for the benefit of your business don’t seem to be easy to resolve.

Understanding the differences between these two disciplines and ensuring that they work closely together can be the difference between industry-leading growth and being an industry laggard. This episode, Mark is joined by Robert Lambert of Samurai Business Group to lay out the argument for you and share their points of view based on collective experiences as Sales and Marketing executives. While revenue and profit performance are always timely topics, they are even more timely today. As the economy recovers, having an efficient and effective go-to-market model ready to take advantage of economic tailwinds will be critical to many businesses. And for many businesses, their opportunities coming out of the health crisis will look quite different than those they had on their working list when this year started.

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