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Revising the Value Proposition of a Major Healthcare Player to Spur Accelerated Growth

“Mark is an expert at helping organizations grow. I have seen him lead successful growth initiatives at a number of companies where I serve as a director as well as in other organizations from early-stage to Fortune 500 size companies. He leverages his career experiences in sales, marketing, business development, technology, and operations to the benefit of his clients.”

A.A. Board Chairperson


I have found that some marketing needs are best expressed as “playbooks,” which are repeatable processes, approaches and outcomes which address Marketing problems for businesses in almost any industry. Reviewing and refining corporate positioning and refreshing the value proposition is an exercise I have probably completed hundreds of times for businesses in a wide variety of industries. One business which engaged me is a Healthcare/Specialized Pharmacy. This business at the time we worked together was a major player with $1B+ revenue looking to add another $1B in three years.


The market for specialized medications has extremely high growth rates, and although prescriptions represent only 1% of medications prescribed, specialized medications represent 40% of total drug costs. The client was seeing good growth but recognized that a new go-to-market strategy and value proposition were needed to re-position the business to grow faster than the market overall.


I authored a new value proposition that represented a major shift in the business’ orientation, away from products and to patients and medical groups. The new value proposition is unique in the market today. When the management team saw this expressed as a word cloud and compared it to competitors, they immediately decided to implement it! I recommended that we validate it with customers, but it was so compelling they called in their marketing team to execute this positioning change.


The business made several ensuing acquisitions and used the new positioning to position the entire business unit.