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We’re Ready for Third Party Growth Capital

“Mark leverages his career experiences in sales, marketing, business development, technology, and operations to the benefit of his clients. He uses a very disciplined methodology and combines this with a creative approach to help clients identify opportunities out of their normal field of view. He has a strong record of identifying and implementing growth strategies, helping employees to be more successful, and increasing shareholder value.”

A.A. Board Chairperson


This innovative healthcare business was at an inflection point and future growth was mapped and prioritized. Now they needed to communicate their growth strategy and plan to prospective investors. These are always fun engagements for me because they require the two elements of innovation and a clear growth roadmap.


The business had many ideas for growth but no process for sorting them out and prioritizing them. They knew they had opportunities but how would they design a rational roadmap that would appeal to prospective investors?


After a few weeks, we realized that the business team working on this needed to shrink to allow us to have a more focused dialog and more productive working sessions. Normally, I’m in favor of working groups comprised of staff with good ideas, but this group of 18 free spirits was too much for me (and their execs) to manage. We went down to the basic team structure of 5 execs (CEO, President, Product Exec, CFO, and Investment Banker) and built a compelling growth plan which became the core of their Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) as they went out for additional capital.


Every one of the 50 potential investors who received the CIM responded enthusiastically, and then the challenge became sorting out potential investors became the challenge. After a 6-month effort, a PE company was accepted and put $17M into the business.