A Realistic Evaluation of EOS® - What it does and doesn’t do for your business.Many consider EOS®/Traction to be a best practice management discipline. Many small- and mid-sized businesses have adopted Traction to beef up their management processes as it provides a structured approach to aligning and prioritizing key initiatives and projects.

As a process, Traction doesn’t have a mechanism for developing actual content. For example, Traction implementation requires content like a one-page Marketing plan and a ten-year plan. Traction works best when paired with great content generated from planning approaches such as Horizon Growth, which is a best practice for planning your future revenue and profit streams.

This program is an honest evaluation of what EOS®/Traction can and cannot do for your business.

The follow-on program will discuss how you can generate the content required for a more effective Traction implementation. Together, these two programs will provide practical approaches with a goal of continuous improvement—one through improved planning for future growth and the second through improved execution.

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