Empowering High-Performing Teams

Once you've built a team with the potential to be high-performing, the next step to ensuring their success is to empower them. Teams can still achieve great things with hands-off managers, but when we look back over time, trends suggest that the teams with leaders who empower and support them perform better than those without. Over the last two months,

2022-08-15T23:35:34+05:00March 12, 2021|Faith Works|

Building a High-Performing Team

Building a high-performing team is not an easy task. Numerous factors determine the team's success and not all of them are under our control from the get-go. But, there are four practices we can call on to make the process of building a high-performing team easier and more effective. Last month I introduced the biblical approach to building a high-performing

2022-08-15T23:26:47+05:00February 12, 2021|Faith Works|

Recruiting a High-Performing Team “Jesus-Style”

It doesn’t matter whether you work in a business, volunteer, or are a church member — every organization benefits from those involved and interacting as a high-performing team. What’s a high-performing team? It’s a group united around a vision and mission and pooling their talents and gifts for group success. We can learn a lot about high-performing teams by studying

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